Top 20 Super Mario Galaxy Theme Songs


Top 20 Super Mario Galaxy Theme Songs
Top 20 Super Mario Galaxy Theme Songs

Top 20 Super Mario Galaxy Theme Songs

I was more motivated than ever to listen to the soundtracks after creating a whole list just for the Super Mario Galaxy theme and another solely for its equally amazing sequel. My God, they are so beautiful.

I'll write a separate list for Galaxy 2 later, but for now, I have to discuss the greatness of the Galaxy 1 soundtrack. I had planned to only make a top 10, but I had to include 20 tracks since they are so legendary. Still, I'm not complaining, and neither should you!

Easily one of my all-time favorite game soundtracks, how would I rate the top 20 songs from this amazing Super Mario Galaxy game?

20 – Toy Time Galaxy

The briefing on this one probably went something like this: "Oooh, let's do the Super Mario Galaxy theme again." Make it truly Toy Time-esque, OOOOOH! – and to be fair, they performed an excellent job.

For this galaxy, they couldn't have composed a finer rendition of the iconic Super Mario Galaxy theme; it exudes all the cheerful whimsicalness and nostalgia I could want.

19 – Space Fantasy (Matter Splatter Galaxy)

I'm not sure if this is utilized only in "Matter Splatter Galaxy," but it seems to be the galaxy where it was most noticeable to me.

These essentially spacey tracks are wonderful complements to the already excellent Galaxy soundtrack. Each one contributes significantly to creating an appropriately ethereal and unforgettable experience.

18 – Melty Molten Super Mario Galaxy Theme

I got a really strong "sand level" sense from this one, which is both interesting and intense in equal measure. At the same time, this tune stands out in an already magnificent galaxy because of the melancholic synthesizers and fierce rhythms.

17 – Bowser’s Galaxy Reactor

"Bowser's Galaxy Reactor" has to be one of my favorite fight themes; I adore how grandiose and powerful the closing themes get. Along with the amazing orchestration that unites the rest of the soundtrack, this one also features some awesome synth effects that give it an extra edge of memorability.

16 – Honeyhive Galaxy

I think the only reason I like this one is memories, but I also really enjoy the silly, fun attitude it exudes.

The primary melody is the only thing heard in this arrangement, making it one of the "tamer" ones we've seen. In that sense, it sounds a lot like a soundtrack from "Super Mario 64."

15 – Beach Bowl Galaxy

The Super Mario Galaxy theme was always aware of the task, and once more, I can't think of a finer soundtrack for a peaceful, joyous journey across a tropical galaxy.

Not a single song on the soundtrack seemed out of place or missing, and it's rather amazing how the composers captured the soul of each galaxy in their piece.

14 – To The Gateway (Gateway Galaxy)

This is one of the OST's most tranquil, mellow tracks, and I enjoyed listening to it again as I was lounging back.

13 – The Wish

Though it is very much a B-side to a song, it may have been an unusual choice, "The Wish" has always been the most heartfelt of the Galaxy tunes.

This song, along with the unexpectedly terrible narrative in the book, is playing when Rosalina reads the storybook in The Library. It's one of my favorite songs in the collection.

12 – Freezeflame Galaxy (Fire / Ice)

I forgot that this song has two versions while compiling this list, but that's what makes it so unique. It's amazing to me that the melody fits in both the fire and ice situations, and the duality of the same music performed somewhat differently is a brilliant touch.

11 – Overture

This is the theme that plays when the game initially launches, and even while I believe there are better ways to use it (we'll get to that), it's still a great tune to get any game going.

10 – Battlerock Galaxy

Because the song is so amazing, I'm very certain that the majority of this galaxy's affection is due to it alone.

It has all the opulent orchestration you would anticipate from a visually stunning galaxy, and never before has a Mario song seemed so much like an invitation to explore.

9 – Buoy Base Galaxy

Like "Battlerock Galaxy," I'm very certain that the amazing soundtrack that accompanies the galaxy itself is the source of all its accolades.

This place has enthusiastic music, which adds to the thrill of climbing the Buoy Base tower.

8 – Final Bowser Battle

One of my favorite game combat themes ever, the frenzied synthesizers, violins, and even choir increase the drama and intensity to a whole new level.

They went all out to make this track the game's climactic end, and it fits the incredible Bowser fight in just the right way.

7 – Comet Observatory

The music that most gamers would most likely listen to while visiting the many sites around the Comet Observatory is the most nostalgic of all.

This song has a certain naïve beauty and interesting quality that makes it seem like it's urging the player to fully explore the cosmos. Without this masterpiece, Super Mario Galaxy wouldn't be the same.

6 – Good Egg Super Mario Galaxy

Since "Good Egg Galaxy" is arguably the most recognizable galaxy in the entire game, it seemed only fitting that the soundtrack would be excellent as well.

You know you're in for a unique gaming experience when you land on the planet to the lovely sounds of a full orchestra—Mario soundtracks had never sounded exactly like this before.

5 – Ghostly Super Mario Galaxy

Given that I don't believe anyone else has ever given this song such a high rating, this may be my most bizarre or contentious choice on the list. After all, the first section is simply your typical eerie tune, so why am I giving it such a high rating?

The genuine music starts at the midway mark or around 0:52 in the video. This tune, which combines bold synthesizers with a dramatic violin melody, was one of the few in the game that forced me to put the game down to appreciate it.

4 – The Star Festival

This must be the unofficial "victory" theme for the game—at least, it seems like it.

Playing when Mario savors the Star Festival's climactic climax, saving Princess Peach was worthwhile only for this song.

3 – Super Mario Galaxy Theme

Since the primary theme is one of the most recognizable in gaming and brings back fond memories for all players, it was inevitable that it would place well.

We all had much better childhoods because of the composers' amazing work creating a song that seems simultaneously upbeat and space-themed, even if I think we take it for granted.

2 – Space Junk Super Marion Galaxy Theme

Without a doubt, the top two songs are among the best gaming soundtracks ever made.

I couldn't have put it better myself when I saw a YouTube comment that said, "Space has no oxygen because this song is so breathtaking." This is without a doubt the most ethereal song in the collection, elevating "Space Junk Galaxy" to the top of the score.

1 – Gusty Garden Super Mario Galaxy Theme

Here it is, one of the best video game tracks ever, if not the best. Although the galaxy itself was perhaps my favorite part of the game, "Gusty Garden Galaxy" is now legendary only for its soundtrack.

Utilizing the entire orchestra, each instrument contributes to creating this song the game's standout music. I don't think any video game soundtrack will beat this because of the combination of the intense guitar work and lovely, soaring melodies.

That concludes the All Super Mario Galaxy Theme list. I'm sure I'll eventually get around to SMG2, but in the meantime, you should read my most recent blog posts:

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